Hello. I'm Lisa Taylor, an integrated copywriter of all sorts of stuff. Except vanity license plates. I just don't get the appeal.

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Lisa Taylor Blog Posts for the ‘News’ Category

I’m with She.

Introducing Ideasicle: She, a new division of Ideasicle that promotes diverse thinking while harnessing the power of the female perspective. Along with a host of female (and male!) heavy hitters, some of whom have chosen to work anonymously for professional reasons, the team includes Katherine “3% Trailblazer” Gordon, Liz “Coolest Mom Ever” Gumbinner, and Alexandra…Read the Rest…

Taylor Writing’s 7 Freelancing Tenets

2016 marks the start of my seventh year as a micropreneur/copypreneur/preneur of preneurs, so I’m marking the occasion by sharing my 7 freelancing tenets: 1. Choose to freelance. The second you let it choose you, fate usurps you as boss. Fate is fickle and terrible at providing dental coverage. 2. Be a creative problem solver at…Read the Rest…

This January’s resolution: update my portfolio

Well, I can check that one off my list. And before the month is over to boot! Here’s proof. However, both “be more active” and “eat less cookies” are still work in progress. Better check back with me on those in February. Or never.

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

Here’s a peek at the Keds x Taylor Swift spring campaign I worked on with the awesome folks at Toth. It’s part of an effort that celebrates the many ways bravery can take form. According to the Tumblr post I swiped it from, this one is in the March issue of Seventeen. It’s only part of…Read the Rest…

Share fearlessly.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with Toth+Co on the Keds Bravehearts campaign. Here’s to the brave girls. The ones who fell in love with the original Keds® Champion sneaker in 1916. Girls who say “yes” and ignite style revolutions then and now. The fashion icons and girls next door. The girls fueled by…Read the Rest…