Hello. I'm Lisa Taylor, an integrated copywriter of all sorts of stuff. Except vanity license plates. I just don't get the appeal.

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I’m with She.

Introducing Ideasicle: She, a new division of Ideasicle that promotes diverse thinking while harnessing the power of the female perspective.

Along with a host of female (and male!) heavy hitters, some of whom have chosen to work anonymously for professional reasons, the team includes Katherine “3% Trailblazer” Gordon, Liz “Coolest Mom Ever” Gumbinner, and Alexandra “Awesome Namer”¬†Watkins. (Those nicknames are mine, not theirs.)

Anyway, I can’t wait for the first project to kick off. I’m proud to be collaborating with such amazing creatives, the majority of whom just happen to be women. They all have talent as vast as their Google hits. And I’m equally excited to be able to write the words “the majority” when referring to women. That may be a first in my creative career. Hopefully, not the last.

Read more about the launch here.

All the cool girl copywriters wear cork footwear

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