Hello. I'm Lisa Taylor, an integrated copywriter of all sorts of stuff. Except vanity license plates. I just don't get the appeal.

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Taylor Writing’s 7 Freelancing Tenets

2016 marks the start of my seventh year as a micropreneur/copypreneur/preneur of preneurs, so I’m marking the occasion by sharing my 7 freelancing tenets:

1. Choose to freelance. The second you let it choose you, fate usurps you as boss. Fate is fickle and terrible at providing dental coverage.

2. Be a creative problem solver at the core. As a copywriter, I solve problems most of the time (but not always) with words.

3. Keep your head in the game, but your butt not always in a seat. Desks and conference rooms are where coffee flows and inspiration too often goes to die.

4. Use the term “collaboration” vs. “gig.” Musicians have gigs. Freelancers are humans working together with other humans.

5. Protect client budgets and schedules like they are your own. Because when you join a team, even temporarily, they are.

6. Make it part of your job to make clients’ jobs easier. Period.

7. Broadcast the brand of you. An online portfolio is just a start. Post relevant stuff along with your opinion about it. Do a mailing or personalized emailing. Go on and give your business a name. Yes, “Taylor Writing” includes an intentional word play and makes some people think my first name is Taylor. But people remember it for the right reasons and a quick search puts me above Taylor Swift – two wins in my book.

Fellow freelancers, I hope you have an amazing year ahead. Potential clients, click here if you’d like to connect about a collaboration. Or type “taylor writing” into Google. You’ll find me.

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