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Share fearlessly.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with Toth+Co on the Keds Bravehearts campaign.

Here’s to the brave girls. The ones who fell in love

with the original KedsĀ® Champion sneaker in 1916.

Girls who say “yes” and ignite style revolutions then and now.

The fashion icons and girls next door.

The girls fueled by individuality, optimism, and courage.

Girls having the time of their lives.


I’m really proud to be a part of this initiative that celebrates fun fashion while also empowering girls to feel good about themselves. Because, honestly, being a girl is no picnic. I have two young boys so I may never know how hard it is these days, but it’s clear that the Internet is too often a force of negativity.

Like it or not, girls are Instagramming/Tweeting/Tumblring/GIF-creating their hearts out. This Keds campaign is a reminder that all that sharing can be a force of good. To get style ideas and be creative. To lift you up when you’re feeling down. To inspire others.

It’s no surprise Taylor Swift was chosen to be “Brave Girl No. 1″ in the effort. Yes, she has mass appeal with an awesome “Q score,” according to The New York Times. But she’s also an embodiment of how putting yourself out there and sharing honestly (and fearlessly) can be a positive thing. And positively amazing:



I’ll be posting more of the campaign soon, but in the meantime I encourage you to remind all the brave girls you know to keep their heads high, their hearts open, and to check out bravehearts.com.



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